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Radio Frequency (RF) | Face & Neck

Reduces flabby skin or jowls, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and tightens your skin. RF therapy penetrates the dermis to heat tissue where collagen is produced therefore stimulating collagen production and visibly improving overall appearance.


Most clients will see results the same day and more so in the first few days after treatment. Normally, multiple treatments are required. Treatments typically last 20-30 minutes and 4 - 8 treatments are recommended for optimal results.




Ultrasound Therapy (fat cavitation) with RF | Body and Limbs

Lose inches, banish cellulite, contour your curves, and tighten your skin with this non-invasive, versatile, natural, painless, and safe treatment.
Fat cavitation breaks down fat cells using low-level ultrasonic waves. Once these fat cells are broken down they are naturally eliminated as waste. This treatment is combined with RF for the combined benefit of skin tightening!
Results are most often immediately visible after the first treatment. The most visible results will start to show in as little as three days post-treatment depending on your individual body composition. At least 3 treatments are recommended but not required. The number of treatments will also depend on your body and your individual goals. Each session can last from 20 - 60 minutes.
Wood Therapy​

Natural, holistic, and painless massage-like therapy that reduces cellulite and fat using purposely shaped wooden body tools to sculpt your curves, loosen tight muscles, break down fat cells, eliminate toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and help eliminate stubborn fatty areas. 

Depending on your body composition results can sometimes be seen after the first treatment. The number of treatments will be determined based on your goals and your body composition. 

Photos are taken pre and post-treatment! Photos are how we monitor the progress and effectiveness of each treatment! Your photos WILL NOT BE USED for any other purpose unless authorized by you with a signed release.

Relaxed young woman with eyes closed getting procedure of vacuum facial cleaning from cosm
Young woman getting rf-lifting treatment by cosmetologist at beauty salon. Weightloss, fat
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